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Information Technology


Shared Services BC (SSBC) provides Information Technology (IT) infrastructure support services for the B.C. government and the broader public sector. These include: data centre services, desktop support and service desks, voice and data networks, electronic messaging and directories, applications and service integration, and security/virus protection.

Many of government's mission-critical programs and services, such as court operations, fire protection, emergency dispatch and Pharmanet, require support from one or more SSBC services. SSBC also plays a key role in the planning, implementation and support of e-government initiatives that deliver improved service to the citizens of British Columbia.

SSBCs IT branch aggregates government's demand for information technology services, delivers those services, and manages contracts to deliver services.  SSBC has been working to support new priorities, be customer-focused, and develop new tools to maintain the integrity and stability of government's IT infrastructure. These changes support overall improvement of SSBC as a shared services provider to government.

SSBC’s information technology organization has a proud history, serving the Province for more than 20 years with many successes along the way.



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